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Coming Soon

The following are Beach Balls that are coming soon and/or in production. If about a week out or so or have a defined available date, we will make them available for pre sale. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AVAILABLE DATE MAY CHANGE. IT IS BASED ONLY ON CURRENT TRACKING & KNOWN INFORMATION.

CLEARLY THEY ARE HERE: So the popular 48" Clear, 36" Clear along with a sampling of the 24" Clear have arrived and ready to ship out. Also the 20" Solid White along with the 16" Black & White that accidently spent the weekend in Baltimore.

INVENTORY DELAY NOTE: We have been delayed on various regular Beach Ball styles like the 16" Solid Black, 16" Solid White, 16" Teal & White, some Yellow and Clear Series and others due to a delay with the incoming barge and reported back-ups going on. We hope to have shipment released any day and will try to expedite some of the inventory here as soon as possible.

There was a few still in the box. Cool.
This are cute little 6-Inch Deflated Size Solid White Beach Balls. When fully inflated, these are slightly larger than your average Beach Ball listed as 6-Inches and stand 5-Inches Tall or Diameter. All six panels are solid white material including the end circles with a Clear Safety Valve.

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