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The following are Beach Balls that are coming soon. If we have a confident arrival date, we will make them available for pre sale. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AVAILABLE DATE MAY CHANGE. IT IS BASED ONLY ON CURRENT TRACKING & KNOWN INFORMATION. A SOLD OUT BEACH BALL WITH NO ETA SIMPLY MEANS WE ARE UNSURE.

INCOMING DELAYS - We are currently awaiting incoming shipments that have been delayed. Yes, these delays continue. Once we get word, we'll post what is coming up on those. We have been by-passing the slow boats and opting for much faster but way more costly air shipping. This would be the main reason for price increases seen in this decade. We're calling it "The Soaring 20s". Yeah!

Current Incoming Beach Balls stuck in transit:

  • 16" Solid Yellow Beach Balls
  • 16" Light Blue & White Beach Balls
  • 16" Black & White Beach Balls
  • 16" Purple & White Beach Balls
  • 16" Black & Gold Beach Balls
  • 36" Solid Red Beach Balls

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Tiny 6-Inch Solid Color Red six panel Beach Ball with non-scratch clear safety valve. When fully inflated these 6-Inch Beach Balls inflate to about 5-Inches high or diameter.

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