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The following are Beach Balls that are coming soon and/or in production. If about a week out or so or have a defined available date, we will make them available for pre sale. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AVAILABLE DATE MAY CHANGE. IT IS BASED ONLY ON CURRENT TRACKING & KNOWN INFORMATION.

UPDATED October 26, 2021

PORT DELAYS - The most efficient method of incoming Beach Balls is via Ocean. However, this is not working out all that well this year with massive backups along the major West Coast ports. This has been forcing us to air ship many of the more popular Beach Balls at additional costs. There's some information on that issue below. We are hoping to get word any day on when they will arrive but, but at this, we don't know. If you need a particular size/color with at least 3 weeks of lead time, let us know. Production is working with us on expedited production/shipping or anything other than basking in the California ocean sun on a ship.

PRICE INCREASES - We've been trying to hold the pricing on our selection of Beach Balls while the costs of production, shipping and logistics have all gone up over the past number of months. We will maintain the same pricing on current inventory but there will be some fluxuations in pricing as they come in. You may have noticed different or higher pricing on certain Beach Balls already. This is all due to increased cost of doing this type of business. Ocean frieght remains jammed due to labor shortages and causing us to AIR in a lot of our more popular selections just to maintain inventory. Obviously, this is causing a slight delay in overseas air shipments, as well. We are hoping this is temporary. Any questions, just let us know.

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Tiny 6-Inch Solid Color Blue six panel Beach Ball with non-scratch clear safety valve. When fully inflated these 6-Inch Beach Balls inflate to about 5-Inches high or diameter.

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