4.0 Upgrades & More

April 3, 2020


Free Economy Shipping is being offered during this ongoing National Emergency and we have not increased the price of the Beach Balls to make up for it. So it is truly Free to you - if you choose. This is a Limited Time offer (we think) but we might have to put a minimum quantity on orders.

What is Free Economy? Since there is no such shipping method from FedEx or USPS, we pick and choose the best method at the lowest cost with the understanding this order is not time sensitive. However, most orders are still being delivered within 2-3 days. We are still honoring the 4:30 PM/ET order time to ship the same day. Plus, you can still expedite via FedEx Express (Overnight or 2-Day) at reduced costs to you.

Will this last forever? Probably not. We don't want to increase the price of all products to make up for "Free" shipping. It's not fair to customers who order in larger quantities but we hope to bounce some ideas around. Perhaps we'll do a survey.

Meanwhile, we remain open and shipping daily. Stay safe and healthy and if you have any questions, just let us know.

We have added the Quick View / Add feature that allows you to quickly add various Beach Balls to you cart as opposed to viewing each and every page. This is a down and dirty feature that pops up allowing you to quickly add and go about things. The pop up does not currently provide current inventory counts yet but it will let you know if you're trying to add more than we have in stock.
We basically made it bigger, bolder and cleaner getting rid of things collected over the years. We do plan to upgrade our photos so they all match. That will take awhile.This is the fourth official version. If something annoys you or you find an issue, please yell.

We are located in Delaware where there have many cases of the Coronavirus (named COVID-19). We are not experiencing any symptoms of this novel virus but are taking extra precautions with both our personal and professional lives. There is a State of Emergency in Delaware with most businesses closed. We seem to be excempt and, let's face it, we've been self isolating here before it was cool.
We are taking some extra precautions (as we normally do anyway) in our office and shipping area which includes the use of gloves, frequent washing while packing and the use of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer between packages. Also wiping down entrance handles and things frequently touched. We are also avoiding touching our face as much as possible even though we WANT TO. These are just common sense practices we are doing to avoid transmission to ourselves, our families and others and avoid any disruption with our business and especially our customers.
There have been no reports of any transmission in packages sent by any mail order facilities anywhere that we are aware of so we're not worried there. Please use extra caution, stay safe and stay healthy.

Inventory Update
We did receive the new 28" Deflated Size Glitter Beach Balls in both Gold and Pink Metallic Confetti. CLICK HERE TO VIEW.
Custom Production is mostly returning but slowly in some cases. Giant Production is still delayed and more unique styles. Regular Custom Imprinting has returned to normal.

Clear Beach Balls
ARRIVED 03/17/2020

  • 24" Crystal Clear Beach Balls
  • 36" Crystal Clear Beach Balls

Something Old & New
ARRIVED 03/05/2020

  • 20" Traditional Beach Balls
  • 28" Clear Glitter Beach Balls - NEW

24" Beach Balls
ARRIVED 03/25/2020

  • 24" Solid Purple Beach Balls
  • 24" Solid Blue Beach Balls
  • 24" Solid Lime Green Beach Balls
  • 24" Solid Teal Beach Balls

16" Beach Balls
ARRIVED 03/18/2020

  • 16" Green & White Beach Balls
  • 16" Pink & White Beach Balls

12" Beach Balls
ARRIVED 03/25/2020

  • 12" Solid Purple Beach Balls
  • 12" Solid Lime Green Beach Balls
  • 12" Solid Teal Beach Balls





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