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Updates on All Things Here

Updates on All Things Here



We will return to offering expanded Custom Beach Ball options toward the end of February as the New Year closures come to an end. However, we still have Pandemic-related closures here in the U.S. and around the world that has had a major impact on regular sales. We have been fortunate and have avoided any health issues related to COVID-19 and our precautions will continue. It is our hope, as we get into March, we will begin restocking the more popular styles and sizes and looking foward to an inflated 2021 Spring/Summer season at


We have to admit that the month of December was a fitting end to 2020. There have been some minor inventory issues, delays in some of the more popular Beach Balls still awaiting restocking here, delays in US Postal Shipping, delays in our responses getting back as each case is personalized/individual and then some. We should just call this "December Delays to Forget" month. This has been challenging to say the least. We do not believe that a sudden change in year (2021) will make a huge difference. We do expect the delays over the past number of weeks to subside and things return to normal. Sure. Normal with the unknown exception of any further lock-downs and restrictions due to the on-going pandemic situation. With all that said, we are looking forward to an inflated 2021.

COVID-19 &

It's just not going away so we continue to isolate ourselves with very limited staff so some replys, etc. may be slower than normal. Getting sick with anything sucks and fortunately we have never felt better so we have been lucky. Even escaping the annual Spring/Summer/Fall cold that usually makes an appearance. We are doing everything we can to protect ourselves, our delivery folks and our customers through the continued overuse of Alcohol products (not the fun stuff), bleaching things, excessive hand washing and the latex gloves when appropriate.

Questions, please call us at 302-628-8888 or email

Model Photography by Chip Gelmini

If you are in the area of Tampa, Florida or north of the city, we are looking for you. Contributing photographer Chip Gelmini is located in Brooksville, Florida and one fo the most experienced photographers in this industry. Help us bring LIFE to Beach Balls.


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