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Measurements Explained

What the measurements or name of the Beach Balls means is probably one of the most popular questions and a very understandable. It can be confusing so we're going to try to explain.

Beach balls come in many sizes. And not every manufacturer uses a standard in measurements. A 20-Inch Beach is roughly the size of the panels FLAT. Basically the panel cut. During all the manufacturing processes, this does not always mean the Beach Ball measures exactly 20-inches flat, for example. But usually very close.

When inflated, you generally lose about 30% of the size listed so a 20-Inch Beach Ball stands about 15-Inches high or diameter and so on. This is also why an 8-FT deflated size Giant stands only about 6-feet tall.

The easiest way to determine your beach ball will be the size you want, is to review the Inflated Size or Diameter of the Beach Balls we have listed.

Measurement takes in to consideration the following:

  • In the plant, the beach ball will loose some length at each end. They do this so when inflated, the ball is round and not egg shaped.
  • The beach ball will loose some length during inflation as it goes from long to round.
  • When the final packages are labeled, this is done based on original full length design before any assembly reduction is performed.
  • And this is why, a 24 inch deflated beach ball as labeled on the package only inflates to about 17-18 inches.
  • When you do the test with the ruler, you must be approximate based on what is available in the catalog inventory.
  • Pay attention to the information of sizes with every item in the catalog.  Weve done this to help you decide on what is best for your purchase. We include measurement descriptions as well as photos of models with the items to show true playtime size.


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Hope this helps. We can always go into more detail if you have questions. Just call 302-628-8888 or email us at [email protected].

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