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White Beach Balls

One of the most popular series are the Solid White Beach Balls in various sizes and two styles: Regular Solid White and the Glow-Ready Series. Normally raning in sizes from 6-Inch Deflated up to the Giants. Some of the Solid White Series called 1.25" have custom sleeves designed for LED Lighting. The sleeves are 1.25" diameter and perfect for LED Tea Lights. Same goes for the Giant White 2.5 Series with a 2.5" Sleeve for larger LED Lighting. And there is just the regular Solid White Beach Balls.

This are cute little 6-Inch Deflated Size Solid White Beach Balls. When fully inflated, these are slightly larger than your average Beach Ball listed as 6-Inches and stand 5-Inches Tall or Diameter. All six panels are solid white material including the end circles with a Clear Safety Valve.

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