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Glow-Ready Beach Balls & LED Lighting

Very popular Series of Beach Balls, the Glow-Ready Solid White in 1.50. These are custom designed with a sleeve for inserting LED Lighting. We the larger Ultra Bright for this size. We have listed Available lighting, as well.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are awaiting arrival of additional LED Lighting. If yoiu have specific requests, please let us know.

Brand New Series of Solid White Beach Balls that include a custom 1.50" diameter sleeve along the bottom (near Valve) perfect for lighting up with one of our LED Lights or use your own lighting. Individually packaged 32-Inch Deflated Size Solid White P7 Beach Balls. This is a six panel Beach Ball with clear safety valve and inflates to about 24 to 25-inches high when fully inflated. Glossy Material
PLEASE NOTE: The larger 1.5" diameter custom sleeve allows for larger LED but they can fall out if hit and/or bounced around unless inserted all the way to the other side. We are currently testing various impacts and lighting options.
Includes a Custom 1.50" Sleeve for Optional illumination.
LED Light Pictured Not Included
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