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Glow-Ready Beach Balls & LED Lighting

Very popular Series of Beach Balls, the Glow-Ready Solid White in 1.50. These are custom designed with a 1.5" Diameter sleeve for inserting LED Lighting. We use the slightly larger Ultra Bright LEDs but there are a variety of LED Lights you may find to fit. Sleeve goes through to other side. We have listed Available lighting currently in stock with more to come.

Brand New Series of Solid White Beach Balls that include a custom 1.50" diameter sleeve along the bottom (near Valve) perfect for lighting up with one of your own lighting methods. Individually packaged 32-Inch Deflated Size Solid White P7 Beach Balls. This is a six panel Beach Ball with clear safety valve and inflates to about 24 to 25-inches high when fully inflated. Glossy Material
PLEASE NOTE: The larger 1.5" diameter custom sleeve allows for larger LED but they can fall out if hit and/or bounced around unless inserted all the way to the other side. We are currently testing various impacts and lighting options.
Includes a Custom 1.50" Sleeve for Optional illumination.
LED Light Pictured Not Included

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