9'' Solid Lime Green Beach Balls
Inflated Diameter: 7in / 17cm

9'' Solid Lime Green Beach Balls
A solid colored 9-Inch deflated size six panel Beach Ball in Solid Lime Green. This smaller Beach Ball when fully inflated is about 7-Inches high. Comes with a clear non-scratch safety valve for easier inflation.
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Inflated Diameter: 7in / 17cm
Beach Balls are measured Deflated end to end. Inflated Diameter is how wide the beach ball should be if fully inflated.

Beach Catalog: 690  UPC: 818128013136
$1.48 each

6'' Solid White Beach Balls
Inflated Diameter: 5in / 12cm
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Solid Lime Green Beach Balls. These are nice beach balls with matching sizes.. These ball contain non-scratch, safety valves.

  • Manufactured Size: 9 Inches Deflated
  • Inflated Size: Approximately 7 Inches
24'' Solid White Beach Balls
Inflated Diameter: 18in / 45cm
We have 79 in stock now!


Please use only under competent supervision. Beach Balls are not a life saving device. Not intended for children under 3 or otherwise directly labeled on certain Beach Balls. Not intended as a pet's toy or any pet that may contain sharp teeth and claws. Many of our Beach Balls are individually wrapped in poly bags. Please use caution and discard bags properly to avoid any accidental uses by small children and incompetent adults.

We try to provide close color matches on each Beach Ball. But we cannot guarantee that Beach Ball colors are an exact match. If colors are important, please call us at 302-628-8888.